Frequently Asked Questions

Do you see adult patients in your practice? 

Yes. We specialise in evaluating children, adolesecent and adults in the practice. 

How long does psychiatric treatment usually take?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer. Some patients respond to short-term treatment. When people have had their symptoms for a long time or have a complicated clinical picture, longer-term treatment may be necessary. A few disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia may require continuing care. After the initial evaluation, We usually are able to give patients and family some idea of what length of treatment would be optimal.



Will my health insurance plan cover the cost of treatment?

We provide monthly statements with all the necessary information that you can submit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement. Many fee-for-service providers such as Blue Cross will reimburse between 50-80% of charges. Payment is requested at the time of service and may be in the form of cash, check or credit card.


Will information and treatment be kept confidential?

We will not discuss information about you and/or your child with others without your consent except as required by law, e.g. situations where the patient is either an imminent danger to themselves or others.


Are parents and families responsible for their child's illness?

Feeling responsible for the child's' problems is a normal sign of caring and attachment. It is important to realize that most mental health problems have multiple causes, are usually not anyone's fault, and are treatable. Whenever possible, we try to help parents and families resolve the feelings of (Why my child?) 

Also, parents and family members take on an integral role during the treatment process, as they are educated about what their child illness is and what steps they can take to help their child recover.

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